For almost 20 years Boumy has been THE expert in soft leather baby shoes. Young and old have grown up with our Boumy’s! Nowadays, Boumy is a well known European brand and presents two collections a year. Boumy distinguishes its brand by her sophisticated on-trend designs and will appeal to stylish and trendsetting moms!  Boumy is committed to quality and creates a shoe that supports healthy foot development. As always, Boumy shoes are produced hand-made & fair-trade



Our designs are on-trend with a minimalistic fresh twist. Our shoes have been designed for optimal foot development and balance, providing the tiny feet space to move freely. Boumy baby shoes are made out of 100% genuine leather. Our leather is being tested regularly and meets all international safety requirements. Boumy’s leather is toxic-free! So you don’t have to worry if your little one doesn’t only like their Boumy’s, but also finds them very tasty! Leather is a natural breathing material, keeping tiny and soft feet cool in summer, and warm in winter.


Children's feet need room to grow. Tiny shoes with hard soles can pinch and obstruct them, especially when they make their first attempts into crawling and walking. This is not favorabel for the natural grip which the sole of a children's foot needs to acquire. A better option during this period are our soft and flexible Boumy baby shoes made entirely out of 100% leather, which will give children the feeling of walking around barefoot for the best development of their tiny feet.



Thanks to our convenient elastic ankle fastening our shoes are easy to slip on and will stay on, whether the little one is at home, at the kinder garden or on the back of a bike. Once they are on, they do not slip off on their own. The soles of our smallest two sizes are flexible and made out of roughened suede. The bigger sizes have an extra rubber anti-slip sole.